Farm Experience Internship

“The FEI is a growing movement, that is being co-created by peasants, farmers, gardeners, scientists, students, activists, NGOs and agroecological companies – working together towards a sustainable, healthy, viable food system that is fair and just for the earth, the consumer and the producer.”

The FEI is an annual 3 ECTS international summer course at the Wageningen University (Netherlands), which aims to bring together theoretical knowledge from students with practical skills and knowledge from farmers. The FEI was inspired by the EIV in Brazil, where it has a long history in the agroecology movement. I was lucky enough to be part of the organising team two years in a row, and witness up close the impact the course has on the participants. I tried to capture this in the two short video’s below. Also, a short video which explains the FEI in the words of Pablo Tittonell and Irene Cardoso.


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