‘Harvesting Happiness’

a-portrait-of-six-headstrong-farmersA documentary about community supported agriculture – CSA for short – in the Netherlands. A portrait of six headstrong farmers, who have each created their own individual model of CSA. Inspired by the third European CSA conference in Ostrava, Czech Republic September 2016, this documentary was made to show what CSA looks like in the Netherlands.

Though the concept has a generally accepted definition and criteria of what CSA should look like, in practice it is shaped by culture, agricultural policies, economics, and most of all by the people in it: farmers and consumers. Within Europe, CSA has many different faces, their differences and characteristics only adding to the strength of the concept.

The quirky Dutch do what they’re good at, and give their own spin to CSA. That has resulted in a film about shareholders and self-harvesting, urban agriculture and cooperative, access to land and our current foodsystem, and above all the passion with which these farmers do their jobs.

For everyone who loves honest, healthy and local food, and for all future farmers who dream of starting a CSA business: may this film inspire and encourage you.

For more information, go to www.harvestinghappinessdocumentary.com. In the meantime, to satisfy your curiosity, watch the trailer:

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